About Us

We are a small local company, based in the Highlands at the foot of Glen Affric, near Inverness. We offer a unique service to businesses, organizations and individuals who require written text and / or photographs for print or internet.

In many situations it can be very important to present information clearly and accurately, without any errors, but in a style which is easy to read, and accompanied where appropriate with suitable pictures. While website designers and brochure publishers are concerned only with the technical aspects of layout, we will actually help you to produce the text and images you need for effective communication.

The service we offer

We aim to give you excellent service at a reasonable price. The actual cost will depend on the amount of work to be done and will be agreed with you before we start work. We offer a free initial consultation, including, if you wish, a visit to your office or property. Based in the Highlands, we are happy to come to you, to see exactly what you want.

Text & Images

We produce text for:

  • websites
  • brochures, leaflets, flyers
  • newsletters
  • information packs, welcome folders
  • reports and submissions
  • entries for listings on portal websites.

The text we write for you will:

  • meet the highest standards of literacy
  • attract the reader’s attention
  • be clear, concise and free from errors
  • be appropriate for the target market i.e. popular or more formal
  • reports and submissions
  • will contain keywords to increase your website’s ranking on search engines.


We can produce appropriate photographs to illustrate your online or printed material. Any photographs which we take for you will be unique to you and will not be made available to anyone else.


Once we have produced the text and pictures you require, you can send them to your website designer, publisher or printer. We are happy to liaise with them, e.g. on number and size of images. If you are setting up a website, we can recommend and liaise with a website designer who will be suitable for you. We can also upload material for you on to portal websites on which you have obtained a listing.


If you want to appeal to an international market or to foreign visitors, we can translate your website or printed material so that customers can read it in their own language. At present we offer German and French, but it is hoped to offer more European languages in the near future. We can also translate documents into English for you.

Many tourist accommodation providers can benefit from presenting their marketing and information material in other languages, so that overseas visitors can read it in their own language and understand it better, thus making them more confident about booking with you, and making them feel more comfortable during their stay. We can provide a translation service whether you want just a single information sheet about your property or your whole website.

Tourism Marketing

Text for your website and / or brochure

We know the aspects which most concern tourists when choosing accommodation, and we will make sure that your marketing text gives them the information they are looking for. We will prepare a well-written text for you, which will engage the reader’s attention, tell people the most important features of your business, highlight your unique selling points and contain the keywords which will increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

Using extensive experience in the local tourist industry, we offer a specialized service for tourist accommodation providers.

This includes:


Your business or property needs to be pictured clearly and in a way which showcases its attractions to potential visitors. Your images also need to be integrated into your website or brochure to complement your text. We will take photographs for you of the most suitable aspects of your property or business, and we can also advise on the best choice of your own pictures. We can also supply pictures for you of local tourist attractions, scenery etc; these will be available only to you and will not be stock photographs which could feature also on your competitors’ websites.

Portal websites

We can help you to maximize your marketing by advising you of portal sites which it would benefit your business to be featured on. We can then write suitable text for your listing, tailored to the particular site, provide suitable photographs, and help you to upload your listing.

Information for your guests

If you provide any other written materials for your guests - welcome packs, bedroom folders, safety information, local tourist information - it is essential that these are clear and concise. We can write these for you so that they provide exactly the information they need to, and are at the same time readable and attractively presented.

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